Monday, October 19, 2009

Beach bums for a day

What a gorgeous day to take off and go to the North Shore with my friend Alicia! The water was incredible and as usual, we were hunched over the sand looking for treasure (shells). We were lucky today and found a whole bunch of teeny-tiny ones. Got to play tourist too since she's going to featured in a magazine back in Genova and they wanted some pics of her doing things in Hawaii.

Fishing Tournament

The Keehi Boat Club Wahine Fishing Tournament was held this past weekend. When the men have a tournament, there's often a pretty woman in a bikini or pareau to take pics with the men and their catch upon their return. Well, Kylen and Cole were volunteered to be the "men" that took pics with the women and their catch when they arrived. They were supposed to take off their shirts but were too shy... at least they had big smiles! And that's a nice mahi mahi that the Kiyomi brought in! Too bad Kevin didn't include the fishes head in the pic, yah?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

night lights!

The new glass I ordered arrived last Wednesday! Yay - it's Christmas or my birthday in October! Never mind, cancel the birthday, I really don't need to get older sooner. :)

I added some night lights and jewelry to and more will be coming soon. Here's one of my latest night lights... doesn't it look yummy?!